About Us

Lonnie Leonard opened Caveman Towing in May of 1972 after serving four years in the U.S. Navy. Lonnie purchase a used Ford tow truck and the business was born. By 1981 Lonnie had established such a good business reputation that


 the AAA contract was offered to him, now being the exclusive AAA towing company in the area. In 1984 he was able to purchase the land where his 6,000 square foot facility currently is. The facility includes three full pull through bays and dually serves as the impound storage.


 Caveman Towing has grown to 16 employees, several of which have been with company for 20 plus years. The fleet consists of four heavy duty trucks, two 4 x 4 wreckers, five medium duty, five small wreckers and 3 flatbeds. The fleet rounds out with a service/battery truck, an airbag recovery unit and two forklifts. 

At Caveman Towing we know hard work, perseverance, personal service and attention to detail all makes for a great towing, gas, or maintenance experience. We know the employees of Caveman Towing take the same amount of pride that Lonnie does in delivering excellent service and customer satisfaction.










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